(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. ramble, stroll, promenade, wander, saunter, travel(on foot), march, parade, tramp, hike, constitutional (inf.); path[way]; gait, carriage, tread, pace, step; calling, occupation; sphere, province, department, business. See motion, slowness, passage.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Manner of walking]
Syn. gait, tread, stride; see step 1 .
2. [Course over which one walks]
Syn. pavement, sidewalk, pathway, footpath, trail, track, boardwalk, pier, pRomenade, avenue, street, road, alley, passage, dock, esplanade, platform, gangway; see also street .
3. [A short walking expedition]
Syn. stroll, ramble, turn, hike, pRomenade, airing, saunter, peregrination, tramp, trek, constitutional, perambulation, march, circuit, jaunt, tour.
4. [A base on balls; in baseball ]
Syn. four balls, ticket to first*, handout*, Annie Oakley*, pass*.
5. [A station in life]
Syn. occupation, sphere of activity, position, line of work.
1. [To move on foot]
Syn. step, pace, march, tread, amble, stroll, hike, saunter, wander, ambulate, ramble, go out for an airing, go out for an outing, take a walk, pRomenade, trudge, tramp, trek, tour, take a turn, roam, rove, perambulate, meander, traipse about, patrol, file off, knock about*, knock around*, hoof it*, jog it*, toddle along*, shuffle*, wend one's way*, bend one's steps*, locomote*, cruise*.
2. [To cause to move on foot]
Syn. lead, drive, exercise, train, order a march, escort, accompany, take for a walk.
3. [To give a base on balls; in baseball ]
Syn. let pass, give free passage*, give a ticket to first*, issue an Annie Oakley*.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. stroll hike, tramp, amble, march, promenade, constitutional, perambulation, traipse, step, stride, gait, saunter, trek.
2. walkway sidewalk, boardwalk, path, pathway, trail, lane, esplanade, promenade, mall, arcade.
stroll, hike, tramp, amble, pad, march, promenade, *beat feet, *hoof it, tramp, traipse, wend one's way, go on foot, perambulate, shuffle, mosey, step, stride, waddle.
angry: stalk out, storm out, stamp out, stomp out, catapult into the room
baby: toddle
backward: backpedal, double-back, retrace one’s steps
brush, through: blaze, bushwhack, pick one’s way, negotiate, weave
casual: walk with elaborate nonchalance, mosey, shuffle, pad, saunter, stroll
complicated path, through or around: pick one’s way, negotiate, step nimbly around, thread one’s way, edge along, inch forward, take mincing steps
crowd, through a: sidle, jostle, elbow, shoulder, jockey for position, bull one’s way through, be borne along by
difficult or laborious: dodder, falter, hobble, limp, lumber, plod, shamble, shuffle, stagger, stumble, totter, trudge, slog, slosh
drunken: stagger, falter, blunder forward, careen, totter
fours, on all: crab
graceful: with feline grace, with the grace of a porteuse, with calculated grace
group: parade, march, file out, tramp, troop, swarm, flood, spill out, be borne along by the crowd
military march: goose-step
show off: swagger, strut, peacock
slide by the soles of one’s feet: glissade
sneaky or cautious: creep, edge, inch, slip away, slink, steal, tiptoe, shrink, skulk, prowl, withdraw, lurk, shadow
wet or mud, through: slog, slosh, squelch, splash, wade
wind, against: lean into, battle forward
see run
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb To go on foot: ambulate, foot, pace, step, tread. Slang: hoof. Idiom: foot it. See MOVE. II noun 1, An act of walking, especially for pleasure: amble, meander (often used in plural), perambulation, promenade, ramble, saunter, stroll, wander. See MOVE. 2. A usually brief and regular journey on foot, especially for exercise: constitutional, turn. See MOVE.

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